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Intelligent multi-door electric steamer

Steaming Efficiency lncreasedby 30%

Secondary steam heating, powerful steam at130℃ enhances steaming efficiency by approximately 30% compared to traditional steamcabinets, resulting in a better texture.

Automatic Water Supplement Function

The steam cabinet's water tank has an automaticwater supplement function, with customizableintervals to ensure strong steam. After 20

supplements without reaching the maximum waterlevel, it fills up to the highest level in one go.

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    ●Teaming rice takes about 20 minutes,making it more fragrant and sweet A regular steam cabinet takes 45 minutes, while the smart steam cabinet takes around 25 minutes, providing more energy-efficient, evenly heated,fuller, fragrant, and chewy rice.

    ● Independent Control of Steaming Chambers Each chamber has independent control; if one chamber malfunctions, it won't affect the use of others. Business operations can continue without interruption. Fault codes are displayed for quick and convenient troubleshooting and repairs.

    ● Insulation Layer - Locking in Heat Anti-fingerprint, corrosion-resistant, strong sealing to lock in heat.

    ● Editable Menu of 1000+ Dishes Add detailed text description here, suggested to be related to the title and in line with the overall language style.

    Commercial combi steam ovens are multifunctional cooking appliances commonly used in professional kitchens. It combines the capabilities of a convection oven, a steam oven, and a combination of the two, allowing chefs to cook a variety of dishes with precision and efficiency.

     When choosing a commercial combi steam oven, it is important to consider factors such as capacity, programmability, ease of cleaning and energy efficiency to ensure it meets the specific needs of your kitchen. Additionally, We are may offer advanced features such as automatic cleaning systems, multiple cooking modes, and connectivity for remote monitoring and control.


    Product model Diemention(mm) Cacity size(small)mm Cacity size(big)mm Voltage Frequency Power Trays
    RC-ZNZG4 852*800*1670 360*580*225(3pcs) 360*580*335(1pc) 380V/3ph 3N- 50Hz 18KW 12
    RC-ZNZG8 1420*800*1670 360*580*225(6pcs) 360*580*335(2pcs) 380V/3ph 3N- 50Hz 36KW 24




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