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Dongguan Ucook Foodservice Equipment Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Ucook Foodservice Equipment Co., Ltd.is a professional kitchen equipment supplier.

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Dongguan Ucook Foodservice Equipment Co., Ltd.

Mainly provide industrial induction cooker, commercial induction cooker, intelligent multi-door frequency conversion steam cabinet, universal steam oven, commercial dishwasher, fume purification machine,environmental protection and energy saving induction cooker and other kitchen equipmemt.

Over the years,the company has established a good reputation with high-tech.practical products and good reput ation.The company's products have been sold throughout the country,many products are exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States, won the majority of users support and respect.The company's newly developed high-power energy-efficient commercial induction cooker has become the first choice of the catering industry for new and renewed.

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Dongguan Ucook Foodservice Equipment Co., Ltd.


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The company is orientated to market demand,driven by scientific and technological progress, and guaranteed by strong strength. Widely listen to customers'opinions, absorb scientific and technological talents in-depth research around the cooking and eating habits to  make  products. Our  own intellectual property  rights of various energy-saving, high-efficiency, safe. Environmentally friendly products, achieved the user's trust and the recognition of the authority.

Our company has always adhered to the spirit of looking to the future. perseverance,innovation,the courage to scale new heights, and win-win development with customers. The induction heating equipment has gradually become the end of the traditional heating equipment with its simple operation as well as high efficiency and energy saving effect,Our induction cookers have the advantages of no open flame,no smoke,no exhaust gas emission,good safety,beautiful and durable.
The high-power induction cooker produced by our company can be used for frying.deep-frying.boiling and other Chinese and Western cooking,and has very strong  power(fire)and reliatility. Its humane design reflects the perfect comtination of human and cooker, these products are widely used in the family, large-scale factories and mines, enterprises and institutions, schools, hotels and chain restaurants in their kitchen facilities, becoming every customer environmental protector, energy saving and money-saving assistant.

The company will be in line with the "quality first,honest service", to accelerate the promotion of induction heating equipment to replace the traditional stove equi pment for the mission, and constantly introduce more environmentally friendly energy-saving new   products and is committed to do the industry leader, and ultimately for the cause of human energy and environmental protection to make never-ending contributions.