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Inteligent protection, three dimensional radiation protection

Automatic fault detection,intelligent safety protection function (anti-leakage, anti-lightning, over temperature, high pressure, low pressure, over current, dry burning, etc.)Triple three-dimensional anti-radiation shell shield design,prevent magnetic field leakage, safe and reliable.

LED display
Fully sealed embedded LED HD display, double water and smoke proof, more reliable and durable. Firepower, power, time, temperature display function,operation at a glance.
The intelligent fault code displays faster repair operations.

High efficiency, energy saving, low carbon, environmental protection
Silent design, no open flame, no heat radiation.
Smoke-free, ash-free, pollution-free, does not raise room temperature, does not produce CO, CO2, SO3 and other harmful substances, does not pollute the environment.

Save energy, time and money
The thermal efficiency of commercial induction cooker is more than 90%, It can save more cost than gas and oil.

Exclusive  patent  high  frequency  energy  saving  coil
Double ring independent heating frecoil;
Central point heating technology,to solve the heat blind spot, uniform heating, heating area is large, strong firepower, according to the size of the amount of cooking can choose the size of the fire.

Core Technologies of Digital Movement

1. Revolutionary all-digital control technology
The digital movement has built a high stability embedded system, and the signal adopts fully digitalacquisition, transmission and control technology, which makes the induction cooker movement standon a higher technical platform.

2. Real-time, a ll-round operation monitoring technology
The DSP of the digital movement has a computing capacity of 60M per second, which is 3000 times that ofthe working loss rate of the induction cooker at 20K per second. lt can carry out real-time monitoring and timelyprocessing of various parameters of each operation cycleto ensure the stable and effective operation of the induction cooker.

3. lntelligent adaptive matching adjustmenttechnology
The digital movement can intelligently analyze thedifferent materials of the coil and cookwear, and thenautomatically adjust the parameters to match them toachieve the best heating effect.This is the first in theindustry technology and convenient for users to choosedifferent materials At present, other domestic simulationtechnology can not effectively heat the pot of 304 material, and the heating process is accompanied by overheating of the coil disk or IGBT burning.However, ourdigital move ment can effectively and safely heat various304 steel cookwares

4. Smart power control technology for tossing pot
Our digital movement has a unique power adjustmentalgorithm, through 3 kinds of energy adjustment technology. its wok-tossing effect is like an open flame.
A.Adjusts power according height: it automatically tracksand adjust the power size with the tosing height of the pot, the higher the pot is, the smaller the power will be.
B.Fix power technology: when the pot is thrown, when thepot leaves the top of the micro-product board, the induction cooker remembers the he ight and corresponding power at this time, when the pot returns tothe top of the micro-crystal plate, the induction cookerimmediately provides the power left.
C. Rapid recovery of maximum power technology. if nolonger the pan, the steel is put back on the microcrystallinesteel within 001 seconds, can return to the original ratedpower.Three intelligent data power control technology toe nsure that the throwing pot like an open flame.Truly
achieve the effect of open flame stir-frying.Solves the chef's worst fears.

5. Nanosecond current protection technology
The most common reason for induction oooker failuresis that the IGBT current is too large, leading to IGBT bum. Our digital movement monitors the operation of curment parameters in realtime with 60M computing capacity per seoond, and can react toexcessive current and short crcuit protection at nanoseoond level toprevent damage to equipment under any form of electrical short drcuit, adhieve zero IGBT damage, and ensure the safety and reliability of products.

6. Constant power control technology
Our digital mowement is adjusted and mat ched throu gh intelligentparameters, even if the external voltage is unstable (380V - 460V range). it can still ensure that the output power remains unchanged for stable cooking.

7. Exclusive digital filtering technology
According to the product application environme nt, ourdigital moveme nts are specially applied with a digitalfiltering software.This has the world's leading super anti-interference characteristics in the commercial inductioncooker industry. In a variety of anti-interference tests(such as SURGE,EFT,DIP, ESD) test results show that itsanti-interference ability has reached the top level of the industry. making it suitable for a variety of harsh electrical environments, and can achieve multiple induction cookers working side by side.

8. 30 protection technologies such asabnormal on/off impact
lf theuser starts or shuts down diredlyat the high level it will produce a very largeimpulse aurrent,which seriously affects the serwice lie of the induction odker. Ourdgital movement automatically detecs whether the power gearis at zero posiion when the madhine is tumed on f not the user i requied to tum it back to the zeroposition, then he can adjust the power rating fredy.The impulse aurrent protecion offorced shutbown is aso redized Ourdigital implaments a tiotal of 30 intdlligantprotection functions such as forced shutdown impube curent protection, whih grealyimprovs the sevicelife of eledromagnetic equipment and redues the failure rae.