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Induction Rice Steamer Top Kitchen Appliances

● Material: High-grade stainless steel thickened body, robust and durable.

● Water Tank: Open design for easy cleaning of the water tank, making assembly and cleaning convenient, promoting hygiene, and enhancing the taste of steamed products.

● Three-dimensional three-defense structure design: Waterproof, oil smoke-proof, and insect-proof.

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    ● Integrated cabinet design: 
    Locks in steam and prevents loss. 

    ● 40mm thick insulation layer: 
    Excellent insulation performance, reduces heat loss, and enhances thermal efficiency. 

    ● Built-in overflow protection system: 
    Prevents safety hazards such as burns and electric shock due to component failure. 

    ● Liquid expansion-type dry burn protection system:
    Extends the product's lifespan. CKC water shortage protection system: Prevents equipment failure due to water tank depletion.

    An induction rice steamer is a kitchen appliance specially designed to cook and steam rice using induction heating technology. These steamers are commonly used in commercial kitchens such as restaurants, catering businesses, and institutional food service operations to prepare large quantities of rice efficiently.


    Product Model Dimentions(mm) Cavity Size(mm) Tray size(mm) Voltage Frequency Power Power Cable Leakage Switch
    RC-ZFG8 700*850*1550 405*615*630 600*400*40 380V 3N- 50/60HZ 12kW 6 m² 63A
    RC-ZFG12 700*850*1850 405*615*930 600*400*40 380V 3N- 50/60HZ 15kW 6 m² 63A
    RC-ZFG24 1200*850*1850 405*615*930 600*400*40 380V 3N- 50/60HZ 25kW 10 m² 100A
    RC-ZFG24 1200*850*1850 405*615*930 600*400*40 380V 3N- 50/60HZ 15kW*2 6+6 m² 63A+63A
    RC-ZFG36 1500*1100*1650 605*815*730 600*400*40 380V 3N- 50/60HZ 20kW*2 10+10 m² 100A+100A
    RC-ZFG48 1500*1100*1850 605*815*930 600*400*40 380V 3N- 50/60HZ 25kW*2 10+10 m² 100A+100A






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