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Induction Cooker User Instructions

①Startup and Shutdown
Startup: Before using the equipment,please make surethat the leakage protection switch is turned on beforethe power adjustment.

Shutdown: When finish using, please make sure toswitch the power to zero gear before cutting off thepower supply.

②Applicable requirements for cookwares
1. if the bottom of the pot deformation, foaming or cracks, pleasedo replace it with a new standard pot in time.
2. lt is strictly prohibited to use cookwares not provided by
suppliers, so as not to affect the heating effect or cause amageto the equipment.

③Please do not dry-burning the cookware.
1.When using low power rate,please do not continue to dry thepot for more than 60 seconds.
2.When using the high power rate,please do not continue to drythe pot for more than 20 seconds.

④Do not hit the ceramic plate with force
Please do not strike the ceramic plate with force to avoid damage.lf the ceramic plate is cracked, stop using it immediately and reportfor repair in time to avoid electricleakage and coil burning causedby oil inlet into the coil.
Note: Ceramic plate is a fragile part and not covered by warranty,please use it carefully.

⑤Steamer water tank cleaning requirements
Steam series products need to discharge tank water and condensatewater at least once a day, and descaling with citric acid once a month to extend the service life of the tank.

Cleaning steps:
1.Open the lower cabinet door of the steam cabinet and loosen the two pressure bars on the cover plate of the water tank.
2.Inject 50g deterge nt into the water tank (purchased parts).
3.2 hours after the water injection is completed, open the water tank drainage valve to clean the sewage.

⑥Soup pot requirements
1. Soup pot material
The bottom material of the pot must bewith strong magnetism (mainly includingstainless iron, cast iron, etc.)
De te rmination method: Put the weakalkaline magnet at the bottom of the pot,and the magnet is adsorbed to it.

2. Soup pot bottom shape
The bottom of the barrel requiresto be a concave bottom (preferably), a flat bottom (secondchoice), and a convex bottom (must not be selected).

3. Soup Pot size
The diameter of the soup bucketshould be in the range of 480mm~600mm.The height of the soupbucket cannot be higher than600mm.The thickness of thebottom material is 0.8~3mm.