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1. Project Consulting
★Customer needs positioning: Understand the kitchen type,existing equipment portfolio, current pr oblems,and renovati on expectations.
★Kitchen field survey: measur ing area,dr awing layoutdiagr am
Peak dining survey: on-site survey of the number of diners,record peak dining time and dining habits.
★Provide product portfolio advice;Solve the existing problems.in the kitchen,power expansion suggestions,meal capacity

2. Project design
★Personalized product mix customization: under the premise of meeting theexisting meal capacity, provide product mix suggestions for low-carbonkitchens;
★ A diverse design team is available at any time;Service center, theheadquarters, professional design company three-level design gradient;
★ Professional design ideas; According to the existing structure layout ofthe kitchen, optimize the circuit, drainage and exhaust system, and fullyconsider the design details such as anti-rat bite wiring and anti-open fire;
★Tailor-made design solutions;Based on the kitchen equipment upgrade,optimize the logistics route design, and provide the kitchen renovationlayout and renderings.

3. lnstallation and debugging
★ Divided into a nunber of installation steps,the installationprocess is more rigoraus and standardized;
★ 15 installation process quality control to ensureinstallation quality standar ds;
★ Strictly implement equipmert aoceptance standards to ensuresafe delivery of products.

4. User training
★ 0n the day of the installation, the technical engineers conduct daily trainingon the equi pment.
★Professional after-sales technicians to provide maintenance gui dance services;
★Technical engineers teach simple troubleshooting methods ;
★Conduct kitchen operation management training to help familiarize users withthe pr oducts as soon as possible.

5. Inspection and maintenance
★Regular implementation of ten full inspection services every three months;
★Keep track of the use of key wearing parts of the product, and offer replacement service in ti me;
★Six cleaning and maintenance standards for more thorough productmaintenance.

6. Repair parts
★Customer service centers and service outlets throughout the country;
★24 hours 4000-400-769 service hotline;
★Professional and excellent service engineers are always on call.

7. Follow-up
★ Set up product files at the factory, and visit regularly afterinstallation;
★ Update equipment use status in real time,check maintenance status,and file infor mation in time;
★ Real-time tracking of product use status, timely remind partsreplacement.