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Industrial commercial Build-in Type soup cooker

●Material: Entire high-quality thickened stainless steel body, corrosion-resistant, durable.

●Faucet: Equipped with a stainless steel swivel faucet, capable of 180-degree rotation for safety and leak prevention.

●Display Screen: LED color digital display screen, providing realtime display of power and current firepower level, making firepower control more intuitive.

●Three-dimensional Three-Defense Structure Design:Waterproof, oil-smoke resistant, insect-proof.



    ●Equipped with ADD Magnetic Electric Engine Technology, high core stability, adaptable to various complex kitchen environments. 

    ●PPS high-temperature-resistant gear-shaped coil assembly, paired with efficient rare earth magnetic strip, innovative air- guiding heat dissipation structure. Uniform magnetic field distribution, low heat generation, minimal loss, no bias in flames, and no burning of the coil. 

    ●Fully enclosed core, horn-shaped heat dissipation channel design, ensuring rapid heat dissipation. Complete isolation of electronic components from the air channel to prevent circuit erosion from oil smoke and water vapor.       

    The built-in soup pot is a special kitchen appliance designed for commercial catering service places such as restaurants, hotels, and catering industries. Often integrated into kitchen infrastructure, these cookers provide dedicated and efficient solutions for preparing and preserving large quantities of soups, broths and other liquid dishes.


    Product model Diemention(mm) Power Voltate Frequency Pot Power cable Leakage Switch Pot Volume(kg)
    RC-BT600 800*900*800+400 12KW 380 50/60Hz ∅600 6m² 63A 170L
    RC-BT700 900*1000*800+400 15KW 380 50/60Hz ∅700 6m² 63A 230L
    RC-BT800 1000x1100x800+400 20KW 380 50/60Hz ∅800 10m² 100A 300L
    RC-BT900 1100x1200x800+400 25KW 380 50/60Hz ∅900 10m² 100A 380L
    RC-BT1000 1200x1300x800+400 30KW 380 50/60Hz ∅1000 16m² 100A 470L






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