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Induction Tilting Automatic Boiling Pan

● All-purpose

Performing baking, frying, grilling, steaming, braising, and more can all be accomplished in one device, significantly improving kitchen space utilization.

● Magic Pilot

Capacitive touch screen control panel with slide operation, making it simple and easy to use, similar to mainstream smartphones and tablets. Precise and convenient settings, and a durable and robust panel.



    ● Video Assist
    Built-in video assistant in the operating system, serving as a video manual for users to consult at any time. 

    ● Auto Chef
    Built-in with over 250 automatic cooking processes, can be switched to manual cooking mode midway. Simple and convenient operation, just choose the corresponding mode (steam/bake/steam-bake), adjust temperature, humidity, and time settings.

    ● Chefs Help
    When creating cooking programs, users can add annotations between steps, providing instructions and assistance. 

    ● Favourites
    A unique and convenient favorites folder, displayed with pictures and titles for reasonable and clear categorization, making it easy for chefs to use. Chefs can also store manual cooking processes in the favorites folder.     

    An induction tilt cooker is a specialized piece of commercial kitchen equipment designed to cook large quantities of food, such as soups, stews, soups and sauces. It combines the benefits of induction cooking technology with the functionality of a tilting frying pan or saucepan.


    Product model Diemention(mm) Power Voltate Frequency Pot Power cable Leakage Switch Pot Volume(kg)
    RC-QBT700 1250*100*1050mm 15KW 380 50/60Hz ∅700 6m² 63A 151L
    RC-QBT800 1350*1000*1050mm 20KW 380 50/60Hz ∅800 10m² 100A 211L
    RC-QBT900 1450*1000*1050mm 25KW 380 50/60Hz ∅900 10m² 100A 248L
    RC-QBT1000 1550*1100*1050mm 30KW 380 50/60Hz ∅1000 16m² 100A 280L






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