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Combi Oven Series


20 Tray Commercial Kitchen Combi Ovens Rc-Zkx-20

2024-03-11 14:00:31

● SES Self Steam Emission

Automatically releases steam from the oven before the door is opened, preventing users from being scalded by high. temperatures. Safe and reliable.

● Green Inside

After each cooking session, the steam oven will automatically summarize the consumption of electricity and water, making it convenient for users to calculate cost.

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10 Tray Commercial Combi Steam Oven Rc-Zkx-10

2024-03-11 13:50:58

● Barcode Scan

Efficiently select and initiate cooking programs through barcode scanning.

● Easy Load

More in line with people's usage habits, horizontal loading and unloading are more effortless and stable compared to vertical loading.

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6 Tray Commercial Combination Oven Rc-Zkx-6

2024-03-11 11:22:59

● Family Mix

Provides users with suggestions for ingredients compatible with the same cooking mode, ensuring that different ingredients cooked together won't affect the taste.

● Perfect Hold

Intelligently ensures perfect insulation for dishes, ensuring that dishes maintain their optimal condition when served.

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