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6-zone Induction hobs

● Power Switch:5 speed fire control, Ergonomics design, alloy material fire control handle with silicone anti-slip mat, gear clear control sense, adapt to the chef's use habits, can be controlled directly with the knee. 


● Display: LED color digital display, shows real-time power. fire control is more intuitive. 

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    ● Equipped with ADD magnetoelectric engine technology, the movement has high stability and adapts to a variety of complex kitchen environments. 

    ●PPS high temperature tooth shaped coil assembly, with high efficiency concentrated rare earth magnetic strip, innovative wind conduction heat dissipation structure, uniform magnetic field distribution, low heat, low loss, no fire, no burn coil. 

    ●Fully enclosed movement, flared air duct design, fast heat dissipation. The electronic devices are completely isolated from the air duct to avoid oil smoke and water vapor erosion of the circuit.

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    Product model Diemention(mm) Power Voltage Frequency Glass Power Cable Leakage Switch
    RC-BZ300-6 1200*800*800+50 6*3.5KW 380 50/60HZ 300*300280 10m² 100A


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    6-zone Induction hobs-213z


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